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Private Caribbean Island For Sale

Caribbean Island Home For Sale

Usher's Island is a Caribbean island home in the beautiful archipelago of Bocas del Toro. Bocas is situated in the north west corner of Panama, close to the Costa Rican border. The island itself is about 20 minutes by boat to the south of Bocas Town, and is no more than 20 minutes by boat to almost any location of interest, including several stunning tropical sandy beaches. A boat is included in the island sale.

Caribbean Island Home For Sale

A secluded island surrounded by mangroves and coral reefs - an important habitat for many sea creatures and birds. Only a couple of minutes away by boat, Dolphin Bay lies to the south-west, so named for the dolphins that live there throughout the year. For ease of access, a new helipad was recently added as part of filming for UK Channel 5s top rating documentary show, "New Lives in the Wild", featuring presenter Ben Fogle.

Caribbean Island Home For Sale

Usher's Island comprises 2.25 acres of usable land (excluding mangroves), with three docks. The main covered boat dock has a large 10ft by 20ft platform, perfect to use as a relaxing hang-out spot in the northerly breezes. There are many mature coconut palms and a variety of other fruit producing trees.

Caribbean Island Home For Sale

The on-going vision for the island is to build a luxury residence with views across the bay toward Bocas Town, close to the main boat dock. The secondary off-grid, visitor or guest accommodation has already been developed and is currently used as the main home. There is also a large 12 x 18 bodega (storage/workshop) positioned at the south end of the island.

Caribbean Island Home For Sale

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